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Fractals are self-similar and repeating patterns.
Ultra Fractal fractal art takes from the Mandelbrot Set, a selection known as Julia Dust for parameter iterations into these self-similar and repeating patterns.
The Mandelbrot

Math Symbols/bail-out pattern and PSP Pattern Application
Bail-out Pattern
(math symbols/iterations
~PSP Pattern)

The image above is math symbols made in Paint Shop Pro using the paint brush tool.
The image results were run through Paint Shop Pro effects in
a demonstration of the self-similar and repeating patterns of fractals.

Ultra Fractal 5 is a version of fractal software which permits the import of images, like photos or objects to be added to the selected parameters of the Mandelbrot Set.
This web page is specifically for my fractal art done with imported images and images for tiling.

Thank you for visiting my web page.
Valery Warren

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Equal Time~Image~a PSP kaleidoscope image from fractal made in UF5. Kaleidoscope image imported to UF5 and added to fractal as an object/image.
Equal Time Image
(Image Export/Import
PSP Kaleidoscope Image)
Created: 7/27/08
Tweaked: 10/18/08
Daffodil~a tube from PSP. Generic Coloring with Bump Map Texture~Perlin Noise Texture with Pixel(jp) and Smooth Mandelbrot as a base with Orbit Traps Direct (UF5)and Any Formula~a procedure carried through in the application of an image.
(PSP Tube~Fractal
spiral image)
Created: 7/31/08
Tiled Flower~Generic Coloring with Image Traps/background with Aperiodic Tiling II and Turblence Mapping and Trap Shape~Flower #4/plug-in and Orbit Traps(UF3).
Tiled Flower
(Flower Start
Created: 8/04/08
Poppy~Droste Effects from jos.ucl with seamless poppy background tile. From the poppy photo, I made a rectangular and transparent area from which I could apply the Droste quotient.
Poppy Photo
(Image Quotient~
Droste Effects)
Created: 8/09/08
Peanuts~Julia Selection~Harlequin II, Plasma, Chips are US with fBm, fBm Gauss, S.F.B.M. Pixel with Pixel(jp) and Frames-Jos Mask for PSP done Seamless Background Tile import from Peanuts Fractal~Parameter Formula(s)~Masking Technique and Gradient Editor.
Peanut Gallery
(Host/Mask Layers
~same seamless tiling)
Created: 8/12/08
Tofus Treat~Julia Selection~Marble and Perlin Noise Texture, CosMartin with Gnarl and Trap Tiling/Polar plus PSP Figure and Image Traps filled with fractal image/Distance Variant for Parameter Formula(s)~Gradient Editor.
Tofus Treat
(plug-in texture
~layers with tiling
~image (PSP) trap)
Created: 11/30/08
Golden Cassini~Julia Selection~Radial Wave Trap with Marble and Perlin Noise Texture plus Monnier's SFBM II Texture Parameters~Slope Enhanced with Monnier's Hyperbolic Tiling, Slope with Shapes, Frame Robert Julia Formula(s)~Cassini Ovals Trap~Fractal Image run through PSP Kaleidoscope than Pattern for import to Image Traps with OT/Point~Gradient Editor.
Golden Cassini
(working formula(s)
~image trap)
Created: 1/19/09
Holiday Flower 2010~/5n~Kite and Dart Penrose Tiling plus Iterated Glass Mapping/MMF3 Orbital Waves, Holly Photo Image within Generic Switch Formula~Gradient Editor.
Holiday Flower 2010
(image traps~
Holly Photo Image)
Created: 12/13/10

Taken from a Rododenderon Photo with Object Transformation Mapping in UF5 and run through Redfield Seamless Effects in PSP for background tile.
(background tile)


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